An introduction to data and information

An introduction to data and information

Course provided by Open University

Summary overview

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  • 20 hours study time

  • Information technology

  • Free

  • Level 1

About this course

This free course, An introduction to data and information, will help you to understand the distinction between the two and examines how a computer-based society impacts daily life. You will learn what computers do with data and how computers can be used to work with data.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify some of the instances in daily life where a computer is, or is likely to be, involved.
  2. Describe, in simple terms, the difference between data and information.
  3. Give a simple explanation about why computers are important to people in terms of data and information.
  4. Explain in simple terms what a computer program is, and why one is necessary.
  5. Explain the role of the computer with respect to the data given to it.