Bug Club Guided KS2

Bug Club Guided KS2

Course provided by Pearson

Summary overview

  • Online anytime

  • 3 hours study time

  • Teacher training and education

  • £500.00

  • Level Primary

About this course

A live online course designed for the KS2 team in a school who has a digital subscription to Bug Club Guided. Up to 40 delegates from a school can join a prebooked interactive online session. All those attending will be asked to take part in live activities and will engage with the Active Learn Platform where Bug Club is hosted.The course covers:What’s included and how to find it all on ALP Exploring and understanding the challenges children face with comprehension Unpicking how to overcome these challenges Using Bug Club Guided to effectively deliver comprehension sessions How to use the teaching cycle to ensure an in depth and consistent approach to comprehension Effective classroom management and implementation How to assess comprehension Creating a whole School Action Plan ISBN 9780435182861 

Learning outcomes

  1. Use Bug Club Guided to engage children and develop confident readers
  2. Use Bug Club Guided to increase reading for pleasure and independent reading
  3. Use Bug Club Guided to ensure children make good progress
  4. Use Bug Club Guided to assess and report achievement
  5. Use Bug Club Guided to encourage parental engagement and home reading.
  6. Use Bug Club Guided to develop their own personal and School Action Plan