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Summary overview

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  • 1 hour 58 min study time

  • Cross-sector

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  • Level 3

About this course

As a Manager, you will always need to make decisions. There will often be multiple opinions and it can be hard to decide on the correct choice, without using the right decision-making technique. Following these techniques can help in identifying the best course of action for any decision.

Learning outcomes

  1. What is decision-making?
  2. The importance of decision-making.
  3. The decision-making steps.
  4. What is important in the decision-making process?
  5. The steps required to effectively make decisions.
  6. The information you need to gather when making decisions.
  7. SWOT analysis; PESTLE analysis; Decision matrix; Cost-benefit analysis and Pareto analysis.
  8. How to think about the 'bigger picture' and avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ or over-analysis.
  9. Methods to minimise the risks when making fast decisions.
  10. To trust your instincts, ask questions and get others' opinions.