Enterprise Data Science in Practice

Enterprise Data Science in Practice

Course provided by IBM


Summary overview

  • Online anytime
  • 60 hours study time
  • Information technology
  • £329.00
  • Intermediate

About this course

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the composition and working of a Data science team
  2. Find structure in data and make predictions
  3. Internalise the data science methodology
  4. Construct usable data sets by identifying and collecting the data required
  5. Hands-on experience with IBM Watson Studio and Python libraries
  6. Visualise statistical analysis, identify patterns and effectively communicate findings

How does it work?

  1. This course is divided into three practice levels to progress through at your own pace.

  2. Each level covers more advanced topics and builds up on top of the concepts, practice and skills addressed on the previous practice levels.

Who should take this course

  1. If youve already got some experience and knowledge in data science, this course will allow you to build on those foundations to solve real challenges within the enterprise.

  2. If you are interested in the impact of data science on the enterprise and how to leverage AI-powered technologies, this course could be perfect for you.


  1. EITHERComplete the Getting Started with Enterprise Data Science course from the Data Science Series.

  2. OR You will need prior knowledge on the following subjects before joining this course:

  3. The relevance of data science projects in supporting the digital transformation of business across multiple industries.

  4. Data science cross-disciplinary skillset found at the intersection of statistics, computer programming and domain expertise.

  5. Roles of a Data science team: Data scientist, Data engineer, Data analyst and AI developer.

  6. Data science collaboration platforms in the cloud, including IBM Watson Studio and Data Refinery.

  7. Data ingestion and manipulation using a CSV dataset.