Getting Started with Agile and Design Thinking

Getting Started with Agile and Design Thinking

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Summary overview

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  • 16 hours study time

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About this course

Despite everyone’s good intentions, hard work and solid ideas, too many projects end up creating unneeded, unusable and unsellable products. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Agile and design-thinking offer a different and effective approach to product development, one that results in valuable solutions to meaningful problems.In this course, you’ll learn how to determine what’s valuable to a user early in the process, to frontload value, by focusing your team on testable narratives about the user and creating a strong shared perspective. Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explain key concepts and practices from the agile product development methodology.
  2. Create a strong shared perspective and drive to value using personas and problem scenarios.
  3. Diagnose what software to develop and why by using a set of agile user stories and prototypes.
  4. Facilitate narrative collaboration with user stories and prototypes.
  5. Allow for early testing and validation by analysing and deciding on story backlogs.