Getting Started with Threat Intelligence and Hunting

Course provided by IBM


Summary overview

  • Online anytime
  • 24 hours study time
  • Information technology
  • £199.00
  • Foundational

About this course

Learning outcomes

  1. Get exposed to the cyber threats landscape
  2. Engage in practical activities, utilising cloud-based enterprise threat intelligence solutions
  3. Get familiar with cyber-attack adversarial frameworks used by cybercriminal networks
  4. Learn to install and use threat intelligence tools used by threat hunters

How does it work?

  1. This foundational course is divided into three practice levels, exposing you to threat intelligence concepts.

  2. Each level covers more advanced topics and builds on the concepts, practice and skills addressed in previous practice levels.

Who should take this course

  1. If you have no previous experience in cyber security, this foundational course is suited to you.

  2. If you are interested in cyber security and how it might impact your sector, or youre starting to use it more in your role, this could be perfect for you.


  1. Basic IT Literacy Skills.