Course provided by Escape Studios

Summary overview

  • Online scheduled

  • 120 hours study time

  • Creative arts and design

  • £3,196.00

  • 10th May

  • NA

About this course

This part-time evening course will demystify Houdini and teach you how to make the most of it for VFX by setting up style effects and rendering them, basically the safest way to blow stuff up!

Learning outcomes

  1. You will design and create Houdini digital assets, learn VFX and be able to use and create many interesting effects.
  2. You will understand the uses of Houdini Engine plugin for making tools for Maya and Unreal, so this can be applied across all areas of the pipeline and enhance workflows.
  3. This course is ideal for those who are familiar with the basic concepts of 3D and computer graphics.