Introduction to Business Management

Introduction to Business Management

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Summary overview

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  • 16 hours study time

  • Cross-sector

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About this course

On this course, you’ll develop a range of business-management skills relevant to your life, university study or the world of work.You’ll learn how to use and apply useful business concepts, tools and terminology whilst exploring four key aspects of business management: managing money, managing people, managing information and,most importantly, managing and understanding yourself.You’ll learn to communicate professionally in common business situations. You’ll reflect on your own management and leadership style and consider the concepts of success, sustainability and social responsibility. Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Apply a range of business concepts, tools and terminology to common business situations.
  2. Explain the importance of business management for you and your community.
  3. Identify your own skills, interests and ideas, and how you can continue to develop them.
  4. Explore opportunities and challenges of working with others: including collaboration, listening to others, feedback, negotiation.
  5. Explain the important aspects of a business idea to potential customers and investors.
  6. Reflect on what you’ve learnt and how you will apply this now.