Mable Therapy 'Essentials' Package

Mable Therapy 'Essentials' Package

Course provided by Mable Therapy

Summary overview

  • Online anytime

  • 6 hours study time

  • Teacher training and education

  • £399.00

  • Level Primary & Secondary

About this course

The Mable Academy’s ‘Essentials' package, supported by Pearson, offers practical strategies and techniques to support all pupils with their mental health and communication needs. Written and presented by clinicians, these engaging and accessible courses give staff the expertise to identify struggling pupils and the skills to offer ongoing support. Covering topics such as the link between behaviour and communication, tackling bullying, and identifying mental health or speech and language issues; our experts will help you to create a happier, more nurturing classroom. To learn more about the courses and how Mable can help you and your students watch this 2-minute YouTube video

Learning outcomes

  1. Building a Bully-free Classroom.
  2. Building Emotional Literacy and Resilience in Children.
  3. Identifying Children with Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties.
  4. Student’s Mental health: The Return to School Post-COVID-19.
  5. The Link Between Behaviour and Communication.