Mable Therapy-Wellbeing Package

Mable Therapy-Wellbeing Package

Course provided by Mable Therapy

Summary overview

  • Online anytime

  • 7 hours study time

  • Teacher training and education

  • £399.00

  • Level Primary & Secondary

About this course

The Mable Academy’s Wellbeing Package gives your staff the skills and knowledge they need to support your students’ mental health.Each course is made up of short, easy-to-understand, video modules written and delivered by a clinical expert. Our specialist team of professors, doctors and psychotherapists share their expertise on identifying and supporting issues such as behaviour, bullying and anxiety. Each accredited course is designed to empower your staff, giving them the competence and confidence to navigate the complex world of student mental health.Mable Academy’s Wellbeing Courses:1. Building a Bully-free ClassroomAuthor, psychology professor and renowned bullying expert Professor Peter Smith talks us through the theory behind school bullying, practical tips for supporting students and whole-school strategies to eradicate bullying altogether.2. Building Emotional Literacy and Resilience in ChildrenFormer teacher and children and adolescent counsellor Helen Spiers explains the importance of building resilience and emotional literacy in order to promote good mental health. Helen shares her top tips for supporting students at a whole-school, class and individual level.3. Student’s Mental Health: The Return to School Post-COVID-19In this mini-course, former teacher and child and adolescent counsellor Helen Spiers explains why some students may struggle more with the return to school. She offers strategies to reduce anxiety, improve communication and build students’ resilience, in order to cope with future uncertainty.4. Mindfulness Exercises for the ClassroomMindfulness expert and child and adolescent psychotherapist Kemi Omijeh offers individual mindfulness exercises designed to create calm classrooms, reduce anxiety and get students ready to engage with their learning.5. Supporting Students to Overcome AnxietyUsing her extensive experience as a teacher and child and adolescent psychotherapist, Kemi Omijeh explains the theory behind anxiety at each developmental stage. She offers advice on supporting anxious students individually, as well as whole-school approaches to creating a low-anxiety environment.6. Supporting Students with Challenging BehaviourChild and adolescent psychotherapist Kemi Omijeh helps us to identify and understand the different types of challenging behaviour. Kemi gives practical strategies and techniques to improve students’ resilience and communication skills, enabling them to express themselves in more appropriate ways.7. Counselling Skills for Teachers (Coming Soon)Child and adolescent counsellor Helen Spiers shares the tips she wished she’d known as a primary school teacher. Following a whistle stop tour of psychological theory, Helen talks about the importance of self-awareness, communication and maintaining boundaries, when supporting students’ mental health.8. Identifying Mental Health Issues : A guide for teachers (Coming Soon)Child and adolescent counsellor Barry Clarke shares his expertise on how to understand, identify and support common mental health issues. With top tips for working with anxiety, trauma and depression, Barry offers practical advice on supporting students with their mental health.9. Supporting Students with Trauma: Creating an Attachment-Aware, Trauma-Responsive School (Coming Soon)Attachment and trauma expert and therapeutic social worker Hedwig Verhagen offers a simple guide to attachment theory and the impact of trauma. Hedwig gives practical advice on how to identify and support affected students, including how schools can create a psychologically safe learning environment.10. The Impact of Diversity on Mental Health in Schools (Coming Soon)Co-written with psychologist Professor Divine Charura, presenter Dr Delroy Hall uses his 30 years of psychotherapy experience to explain the impact of diversity on mental health. Dr Hall explores the challenges of supporting students from diverse backgrounds, offering advice on how schools can promote diversity in order to improve mental health.ISBN 9781292416472 (Small)ISBN 9781292416489 (Large)

Learning outcomes

  1. Build a Bully-free Classroom
  2. Build Emotional Literacy and Resilience in Children
  3. Support student’s Mental Health: The Return to School Post-COVID-19
  4. Conduct Mindfulness Exercises for the Classroom
  5. Support Students to Overcome Anxiety
  6. Support Students with Challenging Behaviour