Managing Innovation: Learning to Prototype for Business

Managing Innovation: Learning to Prototype for Business

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Summary overview

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  • 9 hours study time

  • Cross-sector

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About this course

On this course, you’ll learn strategies for managing the practical classroom in science.From managing behaviour and fostering positive attitudes to implementing departmental processes and working with colleagues, you’ll explore all aspects of practical activities in the school or college laboratory.You’ll consider classroom layouts, as well as the use of practical work to maximise learning.You’ll also discover how to create the right climate for collaborative learning and how to simplify more complex practical work using micro-scale setups or integrated instructions.Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Reflect upon your current laboratory management and identify areas for development.
  2. Develop your toolkit of strategies and techniques to manage students safely in the laboratory.
  3. Develop a practical learning environment that facilitates independent learning and resilience.
  4. Design practical lessons to maximise student learning through practical science.