Safeguarding online

Safeguarding online

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Summary overview

  • Online anytime

  • 1 hour study time

  • Teacher training and education

  • £50.00

  • Level Primary & Secondary

About this course

For those who are developing their online teaching skills, this course of five short videos will cover the key areas of concern many teachers face when delivering online classes:1. Setting up private vs public events2. Controlling webcams and audio rights3. When and how to record4. Disclosures - who and what to address5. How to run safe chat pods, Q&A and breakout roomsThis is a very practical and easily accessible course for all wanting to become more confident in making the online environment safe for their learners.ISBN 9781292410203 (Individual)ISBN 9781292410159 (Small)ISBN 9781292410166 (Large)

Learning outcomes

  1. Gain confidence in setting up an online classroom safely.
  2. Learn practical areas to improve online safety.
  3. Learn how to stop nuisance behaviour online.