Starting a Business 4: Business Processes

Starting a Business 4: Business Processes

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About this course

A successful business relies on processes and information systems; it is important that an entrepreneur pays close attention to how their business works and how performance can be improved, so that they are in a position to take it forward and manage growth. Whether you have an idea for a future venture or you already have a side-line business whilst studying, this course cover efficient business processes to improve productivity.This course is the fourth in a series of six about ‘starting a business’. Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Discuss the importance of both business processes and information systems by contributing to the course comments.
  2. Identify the challenges a business faces when managing growth.
  3. Evaluate the entrepreneur’s business challenge: How can Sophie increase productivity to meet the demands of sales?
  4. Identify the business processes in a business plan.
  5. Investigate where your business is going to operate.
  6. Assess who is involved in the processes.
  7. Using your own business idea or a company of your choice, investigate the information and systems required to track business processes.
  8. Record the skills required to design and run the business processes.