Teaching English: How to Plan a Great Lesson

Teaching English: How to Plan a Great Lesson

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Summary overview

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  • 8 hours study time

  • Teacher training and education

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About this course

Effective lesson planning will help your English students get the most from your classes.On this teaching English course, you will look at four professional practices, share your own experiences and apply what you’ve learnt to your CPD.As you explore the key components of lesson planning, you’ll learn the importance of relationship-building and using technology to engage and support your students.You’ll also learn the best ways to manage your lessons and make the most of any teaching resources available to you. Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Compare teaching approaches and experience with others from around the world.
  2. Reflect on the factors involved in learner motivation and consider the implications for our teaching practice.
  3. Identify and value diversity, and apply strategies to promote inclusive education.
  4. Reflect on your approach to lesson planning and the factors that inform your planning decisions.
  5. Interpret other teachers' approaches and decision making.
  6. Identify appropriate teaching resources and assess their effectiveness.