Teaching Primary Science: Human Spaceflight

Teaching Primary Science: Human Spaceflight

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About this course

From knowing the properties and uses of the materials required for an astronaut’s spacesuit to having an understanding of diet and exercise in order to keep an astronaut healthy–human spaceflight is a rich context for learning.On this course, you will learn how keeping humans alive in space and how our view of the Earth from space can be linked to the primary curriculum.You will discover a variety of topics in the primary science curriculum where you can use the theme of space to engage pupils, including the STEM subjects and cross-curricular links to numeracy and literacy. Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify opportunities across the curriculum to use space as a context for learning.
  2. Engage children in practical activities using the context of human spaceflight.
  3. Design lessons that show science in an applied context.
  4. Identify careers that link in to the space industry.
  5. Contribute to shared resources that use space as a context.