The Science of Learning

The Science of Learning

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Summary overview

  • Online anytime

  • 15 hours study time

  • Teacher training and education

  • Free

  • Level Primary & Secondary

About this course

What is learning? How does it work? On this course you try and answer these questions, exploring how you can use the science of learning to inform your teaching and support your students’ learning. Drawing upon educational neuroscience and psychology (and combating neuroscience myths), you will learn how to interpret research to be better informed about how your students learn. Throughout the course, you will reflect on your own practice as a teacher, learning how to justify and improve your approach. Free to register. Fee to certificate.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explore how the science of learning applies to your classroom to provide insight into how your students learn and their learning potential.
  2. Develop your approach to engaging students with their learning.
  3. Apply an understanding of what is happening in the brain to improve your students’ longer term memory and retrieval of knowledge.
  4. Discuss and articulate your teaching and learning choices with your colleagues.
  5. Engage in action research and collaborate with researchers in the science of learning.