Weaving Well-Being

Weaving Well-Being

Course provided by OTB Learning

Summary overview

  • Online anytime

  • 10 hours study time

  • Teacher training and education

  • £50.00

  • Level Primary

About this course

This online self study course for primary school teachers provides an understanding of the science of Positive Psychology . It offers practical and evidence-based strategies for supporting the well-being of children and teachers. The course involves exploring well-being on a personal level and supplies ideas and practical advice to embed well-being effectively in a whole school setting.There are five modules in the course:1. Introduction to well-being in the classroom2. Positive emotion, character strength and flow3. Resilience and mindfulness4. Positive relationships and self-efficacy5. Whole school approach to well-beingISBN 9781292409085

Learning outcomes

  1. Gain an introduction to Well-Being in the classroom.
  2. Explore positive emotion, character strength and flow.
  3. Learn about resilience and mindfulness.
  4. Explore positive relationships and self-efficacy.
  5. Learn how to develop a whole-school approach to well-being.